Don’t let your day’s busy schedule stress you out! Managing your time is an important task that can positively impact your life. Time management can definitely be a snooze worthy subject! Yet, we have learned that implementing the following FREE tools into our work day has made the biggest difference in our daily productivity. We just had to share with the hopes that you can benefit – no matter what your day looks like!

Have you ever had to collaborate with a coworker or client on a project? We all have! Google Drive allows you to work together in a live document. We love being able to work from the same document in real time as the other person. Making edits and collaborating has never been easier. Not to mention that all the documents are stored in the same place so you never have to waste time searching. How could this get better? It’s cloud based! Which means, your documents are no longer taking up space on your computer. You have access to them on your computer, phone and tablet.

We use Skype almost daily and not to stare at each other while we’re talking. Did you know Skype can be used to communicate as a phone, without the awkward use of the camera? We love it! Plus, you have the ability to type to each other at the same time. Our favorite feature of Skype is the ability to share screens. This feature is especially useful when we are building a website. By sharing screens, we are able to see what the other person is doing and make suggestions and helpful edits as we go along

We prefer using Google calendar to keep track of all our appointments. We set aside time on Monday to map out what we want to accomplish for the week! Taking the time to make weekly and daily goals and writing them down in the calendar helps with accountability and being able to track our success! Try scheduling your week in a digital calendar of your choosing. Set up all of your meetings and goals and check them off as you track your progress.

We have fallen into the trap of letting daily tasks overwhelm us and distract us from prioritizing the day better. Even when working at other jobs, it was so easy to let the little things distract productivity.  Using interactive, time management tools like these help keep our business on track. Planning your week and managing your time better will help your day-to-day feel more productive.